Ashbury openback 5-strenget banjo i ahorn GR37027

Maple series. Openback, maple rim, rolled brass tone ring, 18 tension hooks.. Made in China

Product Features

  • Geared 5th string peg. Railroad spike 5th string top nut and 2nd fret.
  • Maple neck, maple fingerboard with 22 frets. Maple bridge with ebony top.
  • Plastic top nut, ABS binding, satin finish, Gauge .010 strings

Product Specifications

  • Top nut width: 30mm
  • Scale length: 697mm
  • Width at 12th fret: 43mm
  • Rim depth: 63mm
  • Rim width: 279mm
  • Overall length: 930mm:
  • Made in: China

Pris : 3.275,00 kr.

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