Landola jumbo JCE8500 – fjernlager

Håndbygget i Finland.

A large sized steel-stringed guitar for both the professional and the serious amateur. A jumbo body delivers bright strong tone with sweet midrange and booming bass. The secret behind the incredible sound is our unique material; ThermoTimberTonewood.
Body and neck are Flamed Nordic-birch. All tops are solid spruce. Onboard electronics in J-Series are available as option: Fishman,  EMF soundsystem or Landola soundsystem. All guitars (except J-85) are made of ThermoTimberTonewood. There are cutaway and non-cutaway models.

Top: Solid Spruce
Back/Sides: Flamed Nordic-birch
Neck: Flamed Nordic-birch
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Machinehead: Schaller, M6
Saddle: Bone
Nut: Bone
Body: Jumbo, 4/4 size
Finish: Satin
Mensure/Scale: 650mm
Heat treated: –


Pris : 9.495,00 kr.

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