Vintage Astra Acoustic Guitar 1948.

Vintage Astra Acoustic Guitar 1948.


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  1. Hi! Can you tell me something about Astra guitar?
    – Where it is made?
    – Is it solid wood top & sides?
    – Truss rod?
    – Cracks or major dings? Binding ok?
    – Neck straight?
    – Hard case included?

    Thanks for answer!

    • Hi Marco.

      I am not able to answer all of your questions – but some.
      We recon the Astra was build in Germany in 1946.
      It´s solid wood all over, top, sides and buttom.
      No Truss rod – wasn´t invented.
      No major injuries, – bindings ok. But off course you will find traces of many years in this world.
      The neck is very fine – all in all it´s in better shape than many other guitars we see of this age.
      No case included.

      Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

      Claus Vang
      Lavsenvænget 11
      5200 Odense V.
      +45 4016 5490


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