Carl Martin Route Box Pedal

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Route Box Effect Pedal

  • Router
  • Different application possibility examples: 1 guitar on 2 amps, or 2 guitars on 1 amp


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Route Box

As musicians, we sometimes have to supply ‘more’ gear, in order to adequately meet the demands of a show.  The Carl Martin Route Box helps simplify some of those situations. For instance, you might find yourself with two guitars, two amps and one pedal-board.  By plugging each guitar into each Instrument In, out to the pedal-board and then back from the pedal-board to the Input, and finally from Amp 1 & 2 Out to each of the amplifiers, you have full use of your pedal-board while using either Guitar 1 or 2 through Amp 1 or 2…..genius!

Pris: 1.230,00 kr