Acus One ForStrings “Cremona”

DKK 10.999,00

  • Specially designed for concert guitar and string instruments
  • TSF system based high fidelity acoustic preamplifier
  • Power: 200 W
  • 2 Way Biamping: 150 W  / 50 W
  • Loudspeaker equipped with: 8″ Speaker and compression tweeter
  • 3 Channels: 2x Mic, 1x line and volume controllable AUX in
  • 4-Band EQ
  • HFS filter
  • Adjustable monitor output
  • Adjustable headphone output
  • Direct Out with PRE/POST switch
  • 4 Reverb programs
  • Housing made of multi-layer glued wood
  • Bass reflex
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 39.5 x 28.5 x 32.5 cm.
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Colour: Wood
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Acus One ForStrings Cremona

Helt ny model fra italienske Acus – specielt beregnet til strygere.

One ForStrings Cremona is an amplifier designed for classical instruments like violin, viola and guitar classic.

This amplifier is equipped with TSF System, a custom audio preamplifier designed by R&D department of Acus in Recanati.

The TSF system, thanks to a perfect balance of harmonics even / odd, can create natural sounds and it reproduce accurately all the harmonics of high-quality acoustic instruments.

The amplifier is characterized by a exclusive high fidelity audio preamplifier (based on the TSF system), 3 inputs (Mic-line) complete with Peak Led, 4-band equalizer, filter HFS, Effect Send and Volume, Aux input with dedicated Volume, Direct Out (with -10dB and PRE / POST) and manual “feedback canceled” filter.

The headphone output with dedicated volume control and 4 high quality effects with Eff Return control complete the multi-faceted features of the system.

All products are designed and produced in Italy, in the traditional renowned industry of manufacturing in Recanati.

Each Acus One ForStrings amplifier has a design minimalist and innovative, natural wood cabinet and custom speakers.

One ForStrings Cremona completes the Acus One line ForStrings, which is already a world reference in the field of amplification of acoustic instruments.